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Others simply limit their coverage to the information found in official government press releases or police reports, while others, however, are forced to write what a drug trafficking organization orders them to publish. With this political transition, Mexican readers began to prefer media outlets that showed a level of integrity and autonomy. Journalists have to be careful when they decide to write about the drug violence in Mexico because little things can incur a reprisal; using simple words like "organized crime" are often just what they need to anger a drug trafficking organization.

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These images can be pulled up on the screen in the same manner as a Street View image with the pegman by dragging it onto the blue dot. On this day, 19 camera icons were added, mostly showing small towns and areas along the Tour de France route and part of north western Italy On August 4,28 icons of major metropolitan areas of both Australia and Japan were added to Google Street View. Starting in AugustGoogle allows users to create their own street view-like blue paths, for the connected photospheres that are sufficiently close to one another.

Also, many nearby metro areas were included, but they did not receive their own camera icons.

Local journalists are largely responsible for reporting what happens day-to-day in Mexico and the international media relies on them. The date of panoramas can be selected from the timeline. On May 30,at the Where 2. Key additions Timelapse additions from the start of the service to present, including countries with public street view available On May 25,Street View was announced.

A group might threaten to kill a journalist if there is coverage of them on the media, while another group might do the same if there is not any coverage. However, most of the attacks against the press were carried out by upset drug traffickers and corrupt law enforcement officials because they were the ones mentioned in the press. Throughout the s and the s, Mexico was the most dangerous country for journalists in all of Latin America. On October 30,Google announced that users could contribute to Street View by creating a panorama-like image from the Galaxy Nexus smartphone to share on Google Maps.

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On April 9,Street View became available with a full-screen option. Faces were blurred upon recommendation by the New Zealand Privacy Commission, but vehicle registration plates were not obscured. Very few journalists dared to break away from this practice because the government would thereby threaten to withdraw their advertisements and prevent the state-owned paper agency of that time to sell newsprints for their publications. Among the most common one is to silence the press in the areas they operate in, and especially when the groups are trying to establish their presence in an area.

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