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By mid-February to mid-March, the bulk of the population has arrived in the mamma, filling them with nursing, calving and mating mxma whales. Throughout February and March, the first to leave the lagoons are males and females without new calves. The whale watching industry provides ecotourists and marine mammal enthusiasts the opportunity to see groups of gray whales as they migrate. Another pair of sub-adults were confirmed swimming near the mouth of Otani River in Suruga Bay in May, This summer resident group is known as the Pacific Coast feeding group.

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This unique feeding selection makes gray whales one of the most strongly reliant on coastal waters among baleen whales. Similar to the narrow breeding season, most calves are born within a six-week time period in mid January. In addition, the existence of historical calving ground on Taiwan and Penghu Islands with some fossil records [91] and captures [92]and any presence in other areas outside of the known ranges off Babuyan Islands in Philippines and coastal Vietnamese waters in Gulf of Tonkin are unknown. By late December to early January, eastern grays begin to arrive in the calving lagoons and bays on the west coast of Baja California Sur.

These areas may also have included feeding grounds. Pregnant females and nursing mothers with their newborns are the last to depart, leaving only when their calves are ready for the journey, which is usually from late March to mid-April.

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Possibly the first confirmed record of living animals in Japanese waters in the Sea of Japan since the end of whaling mil on 3 April at Nodumi Zsian, Teradomari, Niigata. A population of about gray whales stay along the eastern Pacific coast from Canada to California throughout the summer, not making the farther trip to Alaskan waters. They were joined by their bellies. Mostly, the animal feeds in the northern waters during the summer; and opportunistically feeds during its migration, depending primarily on its extensive fat reserves.

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