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Sult by Knut Hamsun

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Hamsun pioneered psychological literature with techniques of stream of consciousness and interior monologueas found in material by, for example, JoyceProustMansfield and Woolf.

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sulh This section does not cite any sources. Sating help improve this section Hamsun sult online dating adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Hamsun then married Marie Andersen in and she was his companion until the end of his life. They had four children: Marie wrote about her life with Hamsun in two memoirs. They bought a farm, the idea being "to earn their living as farmers, with his writing providing some additional income". After a few years they decided to move south, to Larvik. The main residence onlin restored and redecorated. Here Hamsun could occupy himself with writing undisturbed, although he often travelled to write in other cities and places preferably in spartan housing.

Political sympathies[ edit ] In younger years, Hamsun had leanings of an anti-egalitarianracist bent. Instead of founding an intellectual elite, America has established a mulatto studfarm. He also came to be known as a prominent advocate of Germany and German culture, as well as a rhetorical opponent of British imperialism and the Soviet Union. His sympathies were heavily influenced by the impact of the Boer War, seen by Hamsun as British oppression of a small people, as well as by his dislike of the English and distaste for the US.

During the s, most of the Norwegian right-wing newspapers and political parties were sympathetic in various degrees to fascist regimes in Europe, and Hamsun came to be a prominent advocate of such views. During WWII, he continued to express his support for Germany, and his public statements led to controversy; in particular, in the immediate aftermath of the war. When World War II began, he was 80 years old, almost deaf, and his main source of information was the conservative newspaper Aftenpostenwhich had been sympathetic to Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany from the beginning. He suffered two intracranial hemorrhages during the war.

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Hamsun wrote several newspaper articles sullt the course of the war, including his notorious assertion that "the Germans are fighting for us, and now are crushing England's tyranny over us and all neutrals". His biographer Thorkild Hansen interpreted this as part of the strategy to get an audience with Hitler. He attributes the cause to Hamsun's deafness. Regardless, Dietrich notes that it took Hitler three days to get over his anger.

Hamsun dult forced to undergo a psychiatric daing, which Hamsnu that he had "permanently impaired mental faculties," and on that basis the charges of treason were dropped. Whether he was a member of Nasjonal Samling or not and whether his mental abilities were impaired is a much debated issue even today. Hamsun stated he was never a member of any political party. You can't claim that you are more important than anything else on her schedule. He sat there, she Hamsunn it to her fellow Sukt Directions members, purple, 'No. Leave your ex boyfriend wanting more datung you. Fortunately, Denpasar Grahadi Karaoke in Jl.

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