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Share this article Share Having been spotted out with Nick in New York just five days prior to her dishevelled appearance, the actress mentioned nothing of her ex.

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The National Gething reported this week Nick is a vergaara addict who indulges in Getying cocaine-fuelled orgies' - accusations he has called 'hurtful and unfair'. Juggling act: The year-old beauty had her hands full with an oversized handbag and appeared to be on a call as she departed a taxi with the help of a porter Getting on with it: Sofia was recently embroiled in scandal gergara allegations her wealthy businessman beau Vertara Loeb engaged in lewd acts with other women while the couple was dating Two prostitutes were said to have come forward claiming he partied with a plethora of beauties at any one given time with 'porn playing on all the TVs and liquor flowing like water'.

Nick has since rubbished the claims. The aspiring politician said yesterday: My first priority is to protect the people I love, and I hope they are not impacted by these lies and irresponsible reports. Sofia ducked her head away from the cameras as she arrived to her hotel Sofia and Nick split last month after reportedly constantly fighting, but they seem to have reconciled in recent weeks and have since been seen out in New York looking happy together. Page Six also report that Loeb is now considering legal action. Right now, California law says that the only factor that can determine who gets laid off is seniority.

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Therefore, the most junior teacher, the last one hired, has to be the first one dismissed. The court ruled that LIFO prevents school vergarw from retaining the best teachers. Overall, Vergara found that these three statutes allow too many low-performing iin to stay in the teaching force. Since these teachers are more likely to serve in high-need schools in poorer neighborhoods, the statutes have a particularly negative impact on low-income and minority students. Why does Vergara vs California matter? Every child should be afforded the same level of resources and opportunities, including access to a great teacher.

While the changes called for by Vergara will by no means ensure a great teacher in every classroom—for that we need to make sure teachers are equipped with effective training, collaborative work environments, strong school leadership, and ample support—they would certainly help. What does this mean for my school and my child?

As of summerthe Vergara decision is being appealed to a higher court. And Gftting, the right question is not how effective are the teachers that are laid off versus the workforce as a whole. The right question is how effective are the teachers laid off under one criterion versus a different criterion. And, my love for it…None of it, none of it mattered…All that mattered was my hire date.

As I said earlier, I stayed long hours, I was extremely committed to my students, I loved my students, I was a leader on campus and none of this mattered. I wanted to impact my students. I knew that I was becoming a teacher because my students needed me.

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