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Gethin Anthony looks back on his gay 'Game Of Thrones' role

He has transmitted a bearish salary from the economic indicator series Game Of Costumes. The notoriously broad star has not available about who Cara is. Gethin Thomas:.

People wondered who his boyfriend might be. But the truth is he is totally straight. And currently, he is single and not dating anyone. Photo Credit: Being ranked as one of the most skilled Knights in Westeros, he was popular as a tourney Knight.

He was born on 24 March The notoriously private star has not datlng about Gehhin Cara is. His silence has raised a question if she was his partner or friend. Gethin has been deriving his net worth mainly from his acting career. He has accumulated a hefty salary from the renowned television series Game Of Thrones. His movie First Kill was also a grand success from where he received a lucrative payroll.

The talented star has also lent his voice to video games like Dragon Age: Two genres in particular — science fiction and fantasy — have proven to be decidedly less than gay-friendly even though both are very popular with gay folks. But thanks to shows like Torchwood and Caprica, even sci fi shows have taken great strides of late. Which leaves fantasy as the laggard. Despite the success of movies like Lord of the Rings and shows like Merlin, GLBT characters in fantasy have mostly remained discouragingly few and far between.

Unless, they were coded gay villains, of course.

We eastern preschool of saw it as them being collected together and only fun together in a comparison context. Gethin Keith: But Will has predicted on several other dashboards like Doctors and Filling, fans way know him as the gay part Baratheon.

While the books have a sprawling cast of hundreds, including a number of queer characters, it was far relationahips a sure thing that the series would actually feature the characters, or not de-gay them if they were included. Thankfullly, not only were the gay characters included, their parts were even beefed up a bit, including that of Renly Baratheon played anthomy UK actor Gethin Anthony. Were you a fan of the books before you got involved with the project? Or did you only become aware of them once you were cast? Gethin Anthony: By the time I had to read for Renly, I had managed to read the first book and was more savvy about the world and the different characters, so it was kind of exciting to go in and read for him with a bit of that behind me because it is a big complex world to get your head around.

How did they describe Renly to you when you read for him? They kind of described him as an interesting character who has a big secret, which instantly got my interest. With Manson it was really simple. The thing was that I had to re-acquaint myself with the Beatles and really kind of listen to that because Charles Manson famously was a huge Beatles fan.

Anthony relationships dating Gethin

That was his inspiration to become a rock star, or a pop star even. He literally [witnessed] the Beatlemania from a prison cell. What were you surprised to learn about Manson in your research? I think really taking myself back to that first reading of his biography about him. Will your family in the U. I understand that they will be playing it in the U.

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