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Tunisia repeals ban on interfaith marriage for Muslim women

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The Quran 2: And marrry not marry Polytheist men [to your women] until they believe. And a believing slave is better than a Polytheist men, Chrristian though he might please you. Those invite [you] to the Fire, but Allah invites to Paradise and to forgiveness, by His permission. And He makes clear His verses to the people that perhaps they may remember". From this verse, it can be understood that Muslim man is not allowed to marry women who is polytheist unless she becomes Muslim.

Having all the above verses taken into account, it can be concluded that Muslim men can marry non-Muslim women with following conditions: Muslim man can marry the women from the People of the Book i. Marriage of Muslim women to non-Muslim men[ edit ] Interfaith marriage between Muslim women and non-Muslim men has been a highly sensitive topic across the Muslim world for centuries, as it is considered to be a violation of Islamic law by the consensus of scholars. Although there are changes, it is still banned in many Muslim societies. While the law permits a Muslim man to marry a non-Muslim woman, it does not allow a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim man without proof of his conversion to Islam.

Almost all Islamic nations prohibit it. Tunisia is one of the few Muslim majority countries where Muslim women are allowed to marry non-Muslims. She could, in theory, leave the non-Muslim husband and marry a Muslim one. If the non-Muslim husband does convert a new marriage is not needed. In the Quran, it is said, O ye who believe! When there come to you believing women refugees, examine and test them: God knows best as to their Faith: Our second wedding: A year later, just last June, we flew to Chicago and had a big party for extended friends and family. There were speeches, food, and music. It was beautiful. At both of our public weddings our guests recognized us as a couple.

Going forward, we were a pair in the eyes of our community, a small family of our own. A story that flies in the face of these internet results which relied on oversimplifications and focused on negative, extreme scenarios. However, it also compelled me to want to protect us. Included here you will see photos of my husband and I, but I chose not to share the image of our union which is the most special to me. As an artist, I understand the power of an image. It is a frame for a narrative, this narrative can be true or it can be an utter fabrication, even used to represent its opposite.

Our third wedding: This is how my third wedding, and the photo that I have not included, came to be. What do you think?

Marry man Christian muslim

It was an easy decision. I was snatching up their youngest son and together we are headed for adventures unknown. My husband and I discussed the ceremony so that I would know what to expect. When the day came, the Imam we had planned on had been called away. While I had an idea of what it would entail, I could not anticipate the significance it would carry for me. The Imam was a well-dressed older gentleman with sharp, bright eyes. He smiled and spoke directly to me. He was here for ME, he explained, to protect my interests.

He was letting me know that that he was here willingly, too. He asked me three times if I was here of my own free will. I repeated the traditional Arabic prayers, line for line, after the Imam. As I spoke those words a warm and heavy feeling came over me.

I saw the Imam with tunnel vision, Christisn yet I was seeing through him. I felt a profound connection through time and space. Later, I spoke with my husband and he described a similar feeling. My favorite photo was taken in that spare room in Turkey just after that short ceremony.

That ritual seemed especially important in fact of muskim household that we want from such emotional parks. My welding is covered, for the only alternative in my life around of touristic cbs to make places, inspired pure by my spare-in-law in the investment.

My husband is wearing one of my least favorite shirts of his. My Curistian is covered, for the only time in my life outside of touristic visits to holy places, adorned hastily by my mother-in-law in the hallway. I see how this image could be read a number of different ways.

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