Updating stairs. stairs and railings.

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Five ways to update stairs on a budget

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Since this is often the first wall seen upon stepping inside the home, it's important to use it to its potential.

Stairs railings. and stairs. Updating

From start to finish, the balusters were updated with a sprayed finish in less than three hours. To keep a cohesive look between the entry and staircase, use the same carpet. When spatial constraints prohibit the use of a grand chandelier or pendant, use functional flush-mount fixtures. Concealed Storage It's common for entryways to quickly amass larger mail items such as magazines, circulars and catalogs. By keeping the proper scale and proportion in mind, there is ample storage just off the front door. Cost-Saving Stairs Stairwell runners offer an excellent opportunity to introduce pattern, texture and color into a home's entrance and instantly help set the tone for an interior.

In order to safely and effectively hang an art grouping above a staircase, use a multiposition ladder that can be shaped itself into a wide number of pitches, angles and heights. To ensure proper illumination overhead, basic flush mounts were swapped out for this higher-end, oil-rubbed bronze Greek key fixture.

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For a tailored effect, consider having the raulings. of the carpet bound with a contrasting or coordinating canvas. Get the Gallery Syairs. It's common for expansive entry walls, especially those alongside a staircase, to appear sparse and empty. Clutter Control The easiest and most effective way to add organization and decoration to an entryway is with an appropriately sized console table. The improvements included adding a salon-style gallery wall and incorporating shades of semigloss paint on the railing to camouflage its contractor-grade past.

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