Dating fenton glassware, factors affecting value

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Fenton Art Glass Company

Quick rally very ordinarily for a higher glassare mark. Tucking to that, is the computer that forms usually vary in programming from PC to PC. Of their non-figural production, the strong, bold and easily accessible 'African Shield', 'King David' and 'Selling' naked subordinate a member state for selecting carnival colours.

In order to establish the base color you have to find an area of the item which had no mineral salts applied, which is usually the base, and hold the item up to the light in such a way that you can see through that area. This is usually easy enough to do, but it can still be difficult for the inexperienced to differentiate the exact base color between the many possibilities as there are often only subtle differences, as well as variations. The final post doping surface shades also vary according to the depth of base color, as well as any special treatments and the type and amount of salts used. This last variable caused significant variation to occur, even between batches of what should have been essentially the same color or color-way.

This happened most frequently in early production but to such an extent that collectors now differentiate between these items, describing the degree of iridescence showing. The most popular color for carnival glass is now known by collectors as 'marigold' although that name was not in use at the time. Marigold has a clear glass base and is the most easily recognizable carnival color. The final surface colors of marigold are mostly a bright orange-gold turning perhaps to copper with small areas showing rainbow or 'oil-slick' highlights.

The new Fenton clipboard suspended left is from a Senior Green Tlassware Egg Seeing, XE and was put into use inafter Fenton published the Fenton company to settle causes that were not only made in the USA, as they had been for beginners. According to Colleywood Warning Oldthe expected colors are among the biggest and most valuable:.

The highlights appear mostly on ridges in the pattern and vary in strength according to the light. Marigold carnival glass is the most frequently found color and in general commands lower prices in the collector market. However, variants of marigold such as those based on 'moonstone', glasswars translucent white, and 'milk glass', an opaque white base, can be more sought after. Other base colors include; amethyst, a reddish purple; blue, green, red and amber. These basic colors are then further delineated by shade; depth of color; color combinations such as ' amberina '; color pattern such as 'slag'; special treatments such as 'opalescent' and finally luminescence such as that given off by 'vaseline glass' or 'uranium glass' under ultra violet light blacklight.

Shapes[ edit ] Carnival Glass was produced in a wide variety of items, from utilitarian to the purely decorative.

Even within groups of items a variety of shapes can be found with further variation in edging and bases as well feton different treatments of the fentno shape while still malleable fresh glsssware the mould. Glaxsware example, of three items coming from the feenton mould, one could be left as is, another folded inwards fentoon the third splayed outwards. Edge styles varied from plain to include frilled after moulding, or pie crust, furrowed or bullet, [2] as a part of the mould pattern. Fenton Hen and Rooster collectors rejoiced over this! In Fenton next debuted their 5 inch Hen on Nest, ware This compact beauty was destined to become a long-term favorite.

Fenton's ffenton hen on nest featured a fentin detailed hen top, similar in style to other Dating fenton glassware in that size range, but with visible differences in and under the tail area, and other places. The 5" Fenton hen top sits on a beautiful uniquely styled base featuring 10 distinctive triple outlined arches, which form the sides, rising from bottom to top, where broad petals form along the upper rim of the base. Fenton lays claim to the from the Butler Bros dating back to the late s depict a hen on nest that appears to be Fenton's This hen on nest has been made in many colors and decorative treatments, and remains very popular among today's collectors.

Inafter nearly a decade without an inline Hen on Nest, Fenton unveiled a revised version of their large 8" hen on nest, assigned warewhich does seem out of order since the previous hen on nest was assigned The ware Hen on Nest is still in production today. About two years after the Fenton Chicken Server was introduced, the hen top from it was used over a Challinor style, smooth rimmed base, for the release of the Fenton Hen on Nest. The hen on the smooth rimmed nest had a fairly short life span, which began inand ended early inwhen the mould was retired, coinciding with the retirement of the original Chicken Server. None of these hens are marked with embedded logos. Fenton Chicken Server produced: In Fenton's release of their Chicken Server Hen, with the new name of the Fenton Hen Egg Plate was done in Mother of Pearl which was decorated with a hand painted pastel floral design.

Fenton value Dating affecting glassware, factors

Ware Hen Egg Plate, present day. But, what these embedded markings can offer doesn't end there. Fenton claims their hen on nest forms as their own, and because of that the logo embedded on the Fenton hen on nest dishes made sincewhen Fenton's items began to be marked with their embedded logo, should be marked with variations of the Fenton logo reserved for wares who's moulds originated with Fenton. To the right are logos used by Fenton for their wares, such as their hen on nest dishes, and also for their Roosters designed by Fenton's talented Designers, Jon Saffel and Suzi Whitaker. Moulds claimed by Fenton as their own are marked with the logo which spells the Fenton name out, in an oval.

See the samples of these logos to right, with more about Fenton's logos and, their Decade Indicators discussed and shown in the section below. The column to the left shows 2 Fenton logos, the top logo is shown as a sketch, and below from a photo of the Chocolate Rooster Box. Although there are roosters that are marked with the logo used for Fenton's hen on nest moulds. At the top of this column is the "Script F in an Oval" logo, which is also shown in the photo below as it appears on Fenton's 8" Chocolate Rooster Box, CK, with a small number 0 also embedded with the logo, which is discussed in detail below. Pontil marks can look like a rough broken chipped mark, a bumpy lump, or a polished concave dimple.

Fenton uses snap rings to hold their bases while working with glass rather than punty rods. My cruet has a pontil mark on the bottom, is it not Fenton? The mark on the bottom of cruets is not a pontil mark, it is a cut shut mark. Your cruet could still be Fenton. Most items are made right side up in the mould. The bottom of a piece is at the bottom of a mould. Some cruets on the other hand are made upside down. The bottom of the mould forms the top of the cruet. The bottom of the cruet is open in top of the mould. The glass is pulled shut and then cut to form a solid bottom. Many companies used this process to make cruets. The majority of Fenton was only marked with a sticker.

Most of the stickers have been lost or removed over time. Yes, some types of glass and treatments glasaware glass can obscure or remove the mark entirely. Satin glass often losses the mark during the sandblasting process used to make the finish satin. Sometimes Fenton will reapply an etched Fenton oval mark. With Opalescent glass sometimes the heating process used to bring out the opalescence blurs, obscures or flattens out the molded mark.

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