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Aswan, Egypt: The Mystery of the Ostrich Egg

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The Nile river and Nubiaj valley were found in the north and central datign of Nubia, allowing farming using Nubiwn. The western Sudan had a mixture of peasant agriculture and nomadism. Eastern Sudan had primarily nomadism, with a few areas of irrigation and agriculture. Finally, there was the fertile pastoral region of the south, where Nubiam larger agricultural communities were located. Trade in exotic goods from other parts Nubuan Africa ivory, animal skins passed to Egypt through Nubia. Language[ edit ] Modern Nubians speak Nubian languages. It belongs to the Eastern Sudanic branch of the Nilo-Saharan phylum. Linguistic evidence also strongly indicates that Cushitic languages were spoken in Lower Nubiaan ancient region which straddles present day Southern Egypt and Northern Sudanbefore the arrival of North Eastern Sudanic languages in the Middle Nile Valley.

According to Peter Behrens and Marianne Bechaus-Gerstlinguistic evidence indicates that the ancient peoples of the C-Group and Kerma civilizations spoke Afroasiatic languages of the Berber and Cushitic branches, respectively. This in turn suggests that the C-Group and Kerma populations, who inhabited the Nile Valley immediately before the arrival of the first Nubian speakers, spoke Afroasiatic languages. Claude Rilly has proposed that it, like the Nobiin language, belongs to the Eastern Sudanic branch of the Nilo-Saharan family.

She bases this on its sound inventory and phonotacticswhich are similar to those of the Afroasiatic languages and dissimilar from those of the Nilo-Saharan languages.

Dating Nubian

They currently live in what is called Old Nubia, mainly located in modern Egypt. Nubians have been resettled in large numbers an estimated 50, people away from southern Egypt since the s, when Nubiam Aswan High Dam was built on the Nile, flooding ancestral lands. Whereas Arabic was once only Nuiban by Nubian men who travelled for work, it is increasingly being learned by Nubian women who have access to school, radio and television. Nubian women are working outside the home in increasing numbers. These Nubians write using their own script.

They also practice scarification: Mahas men and women have three scars on each cheek, while the Danaqla wear these scars on their temples. Younger generations appear to be abandoning this custom. It is sometimes divided into Upper Nubia and Lower Nubia. Upper Nubia was where the ancient Kingdom of Napata the Kush was located. Lower Nubia has been called "the corridor to Africa"where there was contact and cultural exchange between Nubians, Egyptians, Greeks, Assyrians, Romans, and Arabs. Lower Nubia was also where the Kingdom of Meroe flourished. From north to south, they are: The rich agricultural lands of Nubia supported these cities.

Ancient Egyptian rulers sought control of Nubia's wealth, datint gold, and the important trade routes within its territories. The emergence of the Kingdom of Meroe in the 8th century BC led dafing Egypt being under the Nybian of Nubian rulers for a century, although they preserved many Egyptian cultural traditions. All rights reserved. However, perhaps a clue lies elsewhere to the age of the pyramids? An ostrich egg was found in a tomb near Aswan that shows 3 triangular structures side by side. According to carbon dating methods, the human remains found in that same tomb were 7, years old. Therefore it is reasonable to think objects found in that tomb, including the egg, were equally old.

Could the triangles etched on that presumably 7,year-old egg represent the pyramids of Giza?

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